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Vomit Cyclone
Michael Durante

My future wife and I had gone into Philly for my birthday back when Victory just started showing up in Philly pubs. We went up into the little upstairs bar in the Standard Tap. I was excited to see GM on tap. I start knocking them back like it's my birthday, because it was...
It started to get late and it was time to go. My loving future future wife was the designated driver and we had a long, 40 min drive back home. Midway home I get that 'uh-oh' feeling. I open the passenger side window and lean out to handle my business when suddenly I can't get my head out of the car because of the seat belt across my chest. So, what do I do? I let it rip, hoping that I can projectile out the open window and all will be right with the world. I didn't, however, take into account the sheer force of the wind that swirls into an open car window at 60-70mph. So, my loving, caring, wonderful future wife and I get caught in the eye of a vomit cyclone. She finished the drive home and didn't say a word. She eventually had to sell the car.
That was my (our) 'Respect the Monkey' moment.  


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Michael Durante
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