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The Many Levels of Golden Monkey
Chris Schuman

My wife and I enjoy Victory's beer quite a bit.  When we were house hunting for our first home one of the main questions that would come to my mind is "How long would it take me to get to Victory from here?"  Although this confession may point to some personal flaws it shows my love for my favorite local brew. 
My story begins with a group of friends that are involved with a local community theater.  We started to have monthly get togethers at Victory to celebrate all the theater members who had birthdays that month.  On this occassion it was my turn to celebrate with my friends and "The Golden Monkey."  Below is the aftermath of that night as it played out on facebook the following day.  Luckily they put a limit on how many golden monkeys you can order at the restaurant or I could of reached the dreaded level 4.   
Three cheers for Victory's Golden Monkey!
Chris Schuman had fun with everyone last night at victory.

Michele  I think I've figured out the Stages of Golden Monkey:

2 Monkeys = relaxed
4 Monkeys = chatty
6 Monkeys = "I love you guys!"
...8 Monkeys = public dancing
10 Monkeys = "Sorry I'm such an asshole..."

Have I got that right? Chris, you are too cute. ;-D
Chris Schuman That's pretty close, although I would lower the numbers to 1-5. Luckily I didn't pass level 3 last night. :-) 
Bonnie Yes... I think 10 monkeys would = passed out on the floor & foaming at the mouth.

Michele I guess I had an inflated opinion of Chris' drinking stamina!

Chris Schuman well, only when it comes to the golden monkey...otherwise you're right on!
Michele I forgot about the wrestling-men-bigger-than-you stage. Where does that come in?


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Chris Schuman
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