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How I Learned of the Monkey
Jeff Pilcicki

Not really a crazy story at all, unfortunately, but one I find myself telling quite awesome.  I was probably fourteen years old at the time, and I needed a username for a message board I was posting on with some friends.  I decided on the name "GoldenMonkey" the original name of a song I'm quite fond of, but later the name changed to "Monkey Man."

Fast forward two years or so, and I get a message from someone "Golden Monkey?  I see you're from PA, is that name because of the beer?  I hear it's awesome!"  As a 16 year old, I ignored it, but as time went on, I'd get a message from time to time from a random person asking about the beer.  When I became of beer drinking age, the first thing that I did was go to the store and buy a case of Golden Monkey.  I had never drank a single microbrew in my life, the most unique beer I had ever had was probably a Yuengling. 

Upon first sip, I felt "This is... well I better like it, I bought a case of it...", and maybe by the 4th or 5th sip I had gained a taste for it, a taste I have never lost.  One of my absolute favorite beers, and to this day, friends will sometimes call me "Jeff the Monkey" or "Golden Monkey", one friend actually has me in her phone as 'golden monkey', despite the fact that we've been friends for five years now.

Nothing crazy happened that night because of the monkey, but becuase of one song with a good name, I began a love for craft beer and Victory Brewery that will last a lifetime.  Oh, and I am sure to respect the monkey on a regular basis, all too regular a basis sometimes.


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Jeff Pilcicki
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